In the beginning

This blog is ambitious. It is ambitious because I am terrible at keeping up to date on a blog I start...the running one, the one that talks about candy stripes...

This blog is an outlet for my foodie type musings, as well as musings of other sorts. It serves as a platform to share, or satisfy the itch for pretty, crafty, foodie things that Pintrest and all the other blogs I follow has created.

I like crafty things. I am my own worst critic, I like to bake - cakes mostly. I collect vintage crockery, with a penchant for collectible teaspoons. I also collect mugs - vintage and non-vintage. I am addicted to coffee. Good coffee. I like sparkly things, but glitter gets too messy. I wear chucks on a very regular basis and have too many scarves. Fresh flowers make me extremely happy. Scented candles are far too expensive but I buy them anyway (the small ones). I buy my skincare on Ebay from Korea. I wish I had more money to spend on makeup. I believe that there is ALWAYS a reason to dress up and look your best - even if it's only to go to the supermarket. Japan holds a special place in my heart. I don't like inspirational quotes on Facebook - although I tolerate them on Instagram. A good meme makes my day, as does a great hashtag. My mantra - do you first and the rest will follow. #word #getonmylevel #soinspo

Coffee, fresh flowers and old copies of Frankie. Perfect.


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